Negligible II

Assalam Alaikom, I initially meant to write about my view on the current events in Egypt which is the new president Morsi. Then I found out Morsi isn’t added in the default dictionary and the only alternatives were morris and Morse. That and the fact I find myself unworthy of such talk. Me and many … More Negligible II


Assalam Alaikom, I have been absent for a while. Started playing Team Fortress and got addicted for a few days. It’s always the same every summer. I either return to an old game or start a new. I also started reading a new book so I rarely did anything else besides those two. Except perhaps … More Negligible


Assalam Alaikom, I am a reader. I think I’ve been one since my childhood and I used to read ‘The Impossible Man’ short stories. It grew with me to bigger books and more sophisticated articles. I haven’t started swimming in the vast sea that is English literature till last year though, which is something I … More Reader

A Dreamy Mind

Assalam Alaikom, Finals are over unfortunately ! Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I wish they weren’t. Well, I might be saying that, but for a different reason than the exams themselves. Ever noticed that finals are the only time of the year when you have a perfectly clear idea on who you want … More A Dreamy Mind

News discussion

Assalam Alaikom, Yesterday I happened to read an article about a report called ‘ Genome of 18-week-old foetus deciphered‘. Feel free to read the article itself and skip the next paragraph. For the lazy ones and the very few percentage who like my writing, I will give you the shorthand version. We all heard the … More News discussion

Sketchy start

I just want a blog dammit !! So I made one. Why I call it the other yasin ? Because I will lie through my teeth here and I don’t want to risk revealing my true identity. Hush. First lie, I will add a post tomorrow. Second lie, I know exactly what I will make … More Sketchy start