Sketchy start

I just want a blog dammit !! So I made one. Why I call it the other yasin ? Because I will lie through my teeth here and I don’t want to risk revealing my true identity. Hush. First lie, I will add a post tomorrow. Second lie, I know exactly what I will make this blog about. Third, I have a life to talk about. Well that last one wasn’t a lie, because I do have a life. I may not talk about it much. I always despised personal blogs. How much can a person say about himself anyway ? I hope I don’t succumb to that annoying habit. Crap habit is with one ‘b’ not two. I can’t remember what I wanted to say when I started typing this post but I get the feeling it was meant to be an introduction. Well I’m what you can find in the about me page plus what you gathered from this post so far. This is where I rant so don’t expect much from this category, except if you are a chaotic hippie then this might be the closest you get to a paradise. I want to sleep. Bye.

One thought on “Sketchy start

  1. Every writer has their own reason to write; however, a person who can write, has to have a reason not to….

    This is your blog, whether you want to write about how enjoyable breakfast was and your anxiety about lunch or your plans on building a space shuttle and going to Pluto to verify its eligibility as a planet….write a remarkable novel or a measely paragraph….it’s still your blog, do what you want with it; but here is a review from a fan and a fellow blogger….you can write….


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