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Assalam Alaikom,

Yesterday I happened to read an article about a report called ‘ Genome of 18-week-old foetus deciphered‘. Feel free to read the article itself and skip the next paragraph. For the lazy ones and the very few percentage who like my writing, I will give you the shorthand version. We all heard the word DNA before and most of us know it’s that ‘thing’ that contains all our biological data and CSI detectives never find a match for. So what happened ? They took a blood sample from the mother and saliva from the dad to sequence the baby’s genome. They used pieces of the foetus’s DNA that float in the mom’s blood, accompanied with the parent’s own DNA as a guide to make a 98% accurate complete genome map. The accuracy part came after the baby was born and they, mercilessly, took it’s own DNA to compare. They report that they found 39 mutations out of 44. Non of them were the ability to make bone blades appear from his fists.

That’s not what we meant.

I don’t understand half of it but I find this most important. I remember back in school we studied a subject called ‘Eugenia’, that was all about changing the human race for the better. Described briefly, it’s the science of ‘Not letting stupid people procreate’. If natural selection wasn’t working right, we have to do it ourselves. The public and some of the scientific community associate it often with the Nazis abuses. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Graham bell was a Eugenic back in the day.

Bell's poker face
On second thought .. we should have seen it coming.

Eugenia fell into disfavor by the mid-20th century thanks to Nazis, only to re spawn in the late 80s with new discoveries made in genetics and other fields. I couldn’t help but recall it while I was reading this article. Surely it will be years before it can be clinically used, but imagine if it is. Abortion rates would sky-rocket, your girlfriend will ask to see your DNA sheet before she accepts your marriage proposal and babies may be welcomed into the world by a police man instead of a nurse because they discovered he has a Ted Bundy mutation.

One thought on “News discussion

  1. that “Eugenia” in Arabic class in high school , affected how i think of Media for a long time XD . thanks for reminding me of it XD


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