A Dreamy Mind

Assalam Alaikom,

Finals are over unfortunately ! Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I wish they weren’t. Well, I might be saying that, but for a different reason than the exams themselves. Ever noticed that finals are the only time of the year when you have a perfectly clear idea on who you want to be and what you need to do to be it ?. It’s true. I, and I’m sure many others, have the best ideas during that very short and condensed month June. You study hard all day, barely having time to eat or chat, then you go to bed tired and exhausted. “Not so fast”, says your brain. That tired and deprived brain goes into berserk mode and you decide you should learn playing the piano. Why ? How ? When ? That’s irrelevant. And where one topic ends another jumps right in. It goes something like this:

“Oh man, I’m so tired. That was a long study session. Tomorrow I will finish the other half of that chapter and the tough part will be over. I just gotta set the alarm. 6:00. That reminds me.,I should learn to play the piano !!” No introductions necessary. And worse, it all makes perfect sense at the time. Somehow, going to sleep becomes the highlight of your day and you go to sleep early the next day to pick up where you left off.

I see what you did there …

It’s not always fantasies and wild dreams though. Sometimes it’s a solution to a problem or a realization of a new one. What topic should you write about in the new magazine, what should you take as an extra course during the summer or whether you should learn archery and riding horses. I remember a saying that goes something like this: ” What’s planned in the evening is forgot in the morning”, only it had a more authentic tune to it. But nine times out of ten that is the case. Especially when you are planning on things you should be doing in the summer. The explanation is fairly simple. The person planning those actions isn’t the person who does them. Or in more precise words, the mentality of each person is different. Ironically it’s because the first guy actually did things the second doesn’t do. Accomplishing certain tasks and objectives raises the bar for the next set of tasks and objectives. Your brain only wants that satisfaction and good feeling you always get at the end of a study session. while the second guy, the summer guy, has nothing to do all day and his biggest achievement is digging a hole in the sand that can fit a person. So when he dreams about actions he wants to do his bar is very low and his wants are minimal, if any.

Well, it fits enough to lock them in it !!

In conclusion, this wasn’t as good an article as I envisioned it, you will continue to dream about things you will not do, and you will keep calculating, hopelessly, how much sleep will you get if you slept this second.

2 thoughts on “A Dreamy Mind

  1. WOW!! You write amazingly!! I couldn’t have put all that into words..!! I get what you say and I don’t understand you at all, simultaneously..! :-/


  2. This is both flattering and frustrating at the same time. It also is a pleasantly strange coincidence that you write this reply mere hours before I decided today is the day I return to annoying others with my views on things that have little or less value. Thank you for your kind sentiments and I hope you enjoy the rest of my rattling.


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