Assalam Alaikom,

I have been absent for a while. Started playing Team Fortress and got addicted for a few days. It’s always the same every summer. I either return to an old game or start a new. I also started reading a new book so I rarely did anything else besides those two. Except perhaps watch some episodes of “Whose Line Is It Anyway ?”. Not much has happened but there is much I would like to talk about. I decided to divide it into two posts today, so that I keep my topics short and organized.

Suddenly I have views on the blog ! And a comment or two as well. It’s strange seeing the spikes on the stats bar finally, instead  of the dead flat line. I don’t know which came first, my next idea for an adventure or the fact that I should update my blog but suddenly I have two topics to talk about and a crazy idea that will make me more famous than Jackie Chan. I will not tell it before hand though. There is a saying that goes something like this:” A candle covered, lights brighter”. It’s better in Arabic, but that’s a fairly good translation. I will try to finish this next stunt soon enough not to keep any of the 27 who came here by mistake wait too long.

I’m also thinking of opening a new category for career related accomplishments. Like I said, I do not want to make this blog personal so I’m debating this with myself to figure out what and why I will write in it. These were a couple of thoughts I thought I should document here. They are very prone to editing today or tomorrow but in case I forget or decide not to, I will press publish.

One thought on “Negligible

  1. You have the tools ready for writing…your mind and your keyboard….whatever you do should be good with enough dedication and care.
    Best of destiny.
    P.S. I hate that arabic proverb


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