Negligible II

Assalam Alaikom,

I initially meant to write about my view on the current events in Egypt which is the new president Morsi. Then I found out Morsi isn’t added in the default dictionary and the only alternatives were morris and Morse. That and the fact I find myself unworthy of such talk. Me and many are, in fact, but I will provide only my point of view. I find myself unworthy for many a reason. I wasn’t one of the very few patriots who protested and stayed in Tahrir during the first three days. I did see the images of Khalid Saed and didn’t do anything about it, I can’t even remember if I was angry or nonchalant. I went to Tahrir, later, for the sake of doing something different not out of belief this will have any effect. Through the year and a half, between the tyrant’s stepping down and the other tyrant allowing us a president that probably needs permission to go to the toilet, I found myself a distant watcher of events rather than a participator. For all those and more, but those are really personal and I’m a shy shy guy, I found I deserve to be hammered by people with little minds and littler knowledge trying to tell me what they think and why they think it while I nod and fumble in my mobile.

What I want to talk about, discuss, argue or debate until my head feels like it’s boiling is ‘what is it that I can do right now ?’ How can I help ? Other than going out in the streets shouting our lungs out that SCAF is actually its own mother’s female parts, which I find ridiculous and childish, there isn’t anything productive to be done. I don’t have money so don’t ask me to donate, I don’t have all day so don’t ask me to stay in Tahrir, I don’t have the skills so don’t ask me to assassinate anyone, Oh how I wish I do, and finally I’m  much too sane to indulge in the farce that is liking, sharing and posting on various networking sites and believe it has any effect. This is one of the rare topics that I will welcome anyone talking to me about. In fact, I believe this is one of the rare occasions I would welcome some one talking to me.

After a little bit of review I discovered I’m not talking about the point I meant to talk about, or even have a point to talk about. I can find a meaning for this post if I ranted one or two more paragraphs that would tie this article like a sailor’s knot, but It’s no matter. This is a sort of disguised personal post but, I think, touches on more than just my life. So shut up you nagging good for nothing brain !!

6 thoughts on “Negligible II

  1. Mirroring my exact same thoughts on the matter. I’m not that much of the protestor type…so what can I do about it?
    I choose to think that gaining more knowledge and taking any opportunity to do what I excel at and use it to help the country would be most suitable for me….


  2. Or writing a blog post about it. That seems to do the trick.
    In general I believe voicing your objection is the weakest thing to do, even if it’s the only thing available, which it hardly is. It’s the easiest choice available, that is why so many people do it. As a general rule, the more people gather in the square the less effective it becomes. Since it only shows how many people prefer waiting for something to be done for/to them than actually doing anything about the things being done for/to them.


  3. I disagree with you greatly, in a democratic country, what you say might work (although protests are still necessary) but we are in a dictatorship (or at least trying to move away from it), voicing your opposition loud and clear in a dictatorship is probably the most courageous thing to do (it might not be the most effective…or the most sane).

    Then again, in the democractic countries, the majority rule, so if the crowds demand some sort of change, the higher-ups need to listen and respond; the governments need to listen to their people and understand that they work for the people and not the other way around.

    Not everything can be changed through personal actions, actually most things change only by actual groups of people and it is quite rare for things to change through one person or by personal actions.

    A president can very well be assassinated by one person, but since he is protected by groups of people, it makes it hard… how else to change a dictator’s rule other than huge crowds of protestors making a revolution.

    Did you ever heard of anarchy suggesting independent individual work? Or large projects being implemented by a single person? Or huge inventions being invented by one person?
    Everything depends on groups of people….no one can deny the use of “other” people with them (a person might shine more than others due to excelling at something but it remains to be a fact that there is no person who can take 100% credit for almost any achievement he makes…)


    1. Reading your comment without the first paragraph makes sense and gives me joy that someone shares my opinion that one has to learn the accursed skill of team work if one wants to accomplish great deeds. One key charesteristic of that skill is to not refer to one’s self as ‘one’.
      When you re-add the unjustly omited first paragraph, you will find there is a mistake, that is I didn’t say otherwise. My point was that without actions, those are voices much like the wind that can be easily avoided if you close the shutters. I’m anatomically capable of going into a heated discussion with you over this matter and others that are bound to be brought up, but I’m loathsome to arguing with many people besides myself and a select few. I will give you space to comment as you wish but I don’t promise I’ll answer.


      1. I prefer to debate rather than argue, debating widens perspectives, adds new information and is much more enjoyable than just arguing to prove a point.

        Anyway, I do agree with you, if all we do is protest then we really aren’t doing much, if anything at all, we need to do proper actions on all levels of ruling.

        You are of course free to reply as you wish, again, it’s your blog, and I doubt that I will stop visiting the blog just because you refuse to reply :D


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