Thoughts on Politics

Assalam Alaikom, Despite my ineptness in all politics related issues, I find my self wondering into this vague, fake and untrue field every now and then. Far be it from me to indulge in any debate regarding political affairs or current issues with real life individuals, let alone groups, which unfortunately have plagued our society … More Thoughts on Politics


Assalam Alaikom, Would you like it if I asked you to be a team leader right now ? And whatever the answer, do you think you have leadership material ?!. Those aren’t my questions to whoever is reading this now, god knows I have so little of those to lose to a Fekky impression, those … More Leaders


Assalam Alaikom, Every child who has ever grabbed a pen, sat to a piece of paper and poured his mind and soul through words has thought of himself, from that moment on, as a writer. And every writer that has created even a single complete work of his own, let that be a school assignment, … More Writers

Catcher in the Rye

Assalam Alaikom, Over this past week, in which I made several efforts to update this journal, I began reading a famous book the name of which you just read in the article. It was recommended to me by a friend a while ago, but it escaped my mind whenever I was in the recurring antagonizing … More Catcher in the Rye


Assalam Alaikom, I intended to write a review for a book I have been reading, which happened to shatter my previous list of books I will never forget, simply because I forgot everything else reading it, but after some consideration I thought better of it. For one I have never written a book review before … More Yellow

Bad Words

Assalam Alaikom, I began writing an article on Friday, when I happened to be in a good mood for a while. Soon enough I found I don’t like it so I deleted it and began a new with my usual spirits returning gradually. I was in a hotel room and didn’t have my laptop so … More Bad Words