Assalam Alaikom,

I intended to write a review for a book I have been reading, which happened to shatter my previous list of books I will never forget, simply because I forgot everything else reading it, but after some consideration I thought better of it. For one I have never written a book review before and I find it hard to do so without spoiling any of it. I seldom read any book reviews at all, since they either spoil it, after a few lines on how hard it is not to, or they don’t and consequently are useless as nipples on a breast plate, for there is a review that recommends you to burn the book and wash your hands if you touched it for every one that tells you it’s the greatest book written by man. This was actually the case with the book I now value very highly, which had some bad reviews upon publishing. The other reason I dread writing this review is two fold. I don’t know how to describe a book, regardless of spoiling it or not. I know the writing is splendidly bewilderingly sublime and the story is intriguing, but unless I keep adding adjectives, I can’t think of anything else to say. The other .. fold, is that I have a sharp eloquent reader now, despite the warning signs, and I need to ascertain he didn’t read the story so I spoil it for him. It’s more fun if it’s intentional.

So for now, I will try rearranging my thoughts and finding what was it I felt reading it, and try to be honest, short and direct. Or perhaps I will try rearranging my thoughts and finding what was it I felt reading it, type that in google to get a review to steal.

One thought on “Yellow

  1. I’m guessing a book review would advise others to either read it or not to waste their time with it, that should be simple; any spoilers, you can put a spoiler alert or so. Also, a hint at what the story revolves around or what the book is about would be nice.

    Thank you for the compliment!
    (I wrote this comment a couple of times, the first time, I mistakenly refreshed the page….the second time, there was some sort of instantaneous power failure, let’s see if the comment is actually cursed…here’s to the third time)


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