Assalam Alaikom,

Every child who has ever grabbed a pen, sat to a piece of paper and poured his mind and soul through words has thought of himself, from that moment on, as a writer. And every writer that has created even a single complete work of his own, let that be a school assignment, an article for a newspaper or a short story, wants to be a novelist. Whether they have a talent for it or not and whether they work on it they all have that inscrutable need to weave a new world with people, scenes, events and heroes of their own creation. It’s later on, after numerous disappointments and failures, that they realize the cold hard fact; this isn’t for everybody. This isn’t some trade you can master by learning it’s tricks and what to do and what not to do. It’s an art. The toughest form of art there is. You have to have the gift of touching people through distance, time and use nothing but words. You have to make them see scenes with no pictures, hear voices when there is no sound and feel altering emotions for characters they never met; to hate, to love, to kill, to die and to hate or love you for it all. And then ask for more.

If you are one of the lucky few who can bend the words to their will, channel their emotions through them and, above that, have a beautiful creative mind, this article isn’t for you. It’s for those others that can’t I write. The ones that someone who aspires to becoming a novelist doesn’t want to be like. We are the ones who can write a good article, a decent discussion or an interesting column but lack in some way or another when they write a novel. To us falls the often not so rewarding task of reviewing, criticising, reporting or editing other people’s work.

This group of writers, namely me, have aspirations, or is it misconceptions ?, of their own as well. That is to be great and to excel in whatever field they have chosen. They have to depend on their ideas, their minds and their reasoning more than their emotions. And we are forever bound to be asked incessantly: “Oh you are a writer ? What novels did you write ?!”.

5 thoughts on “Writers

  1. We are a very sophisticated lot aren’t we ?!
    Something I failed to mention, somewhat intentionally, is that some writers without talent nowadays have best selling books and blockbuster films or TV series.


    1. Sophisticated and elegant!

      Well, tools are at people’s convention and media is almost controlling what people run after…
      That and people’s tastes tend to be horrible


  2. When I hold a pen , I draw XD ..It never happens that i write XD ..
    Yet , this fact about being not talented in this , or having any passion for it ..never annoy me :D …As It’s not my goal XD

    =D !

    by the way , you got beautiful way in writing , but some posts ..I don’t get the main goal of the post XD ..<< That was just a feedback =D


  3. Well, it certainly was a goal of mine, that’s somewhat relinquished now for there is a capacity in each of us of how much “This story sucks” we can receive.
    Thanks for your feedback, I always felt the same way until some people told me I write well. It’s their fault then. But I share your concern and have it in mind whenever I’m writing, with little result apparently.
    I’m Glad to see you again.


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