Catcher in the Rye II

Assalam Alaikom,

It wasn’t for lack of effort that I didn’t like this novel. I sincerely tried giving the author a second chance in the second half of the story, wishing with every turning page, which is a lot of wishes since I read on a mobile screen, that this is the turning point, this is what will make me fall in love with the story, this is where I realize how Salinger is a last-minute scorer. Needless to say, there were no turning points, no lost love found and Salinger has established himself with me as a dull writer. Regardless of how ridiculous the ending was, I was somewhat glad I reached it, for this has been the most terrible time I spent reading a book. That includes Ibrahim Al Fekky’s motivational books, which aren’t easy to beat.

I might take a break from writing about books for a while. For one thing I’m starting a new one that’s said to be as good as it’s long, and it is long. The other reason is, what’s the point ?. It’s a matter of taste anyway, and I have seen some people say they love books I wouldn’t sell for a penny. At the end of the day, there isn’t anyone this is helping but me, and only in the case of a reminder of how good the book is. So don’t expect any reviews on books in the near future, except perhaps excerpts of very iconic and defining moments and without my annoying commentary.

6 thoughts on “Catcher in the Rye II

    1. You have to know I only wrote it because it was recommended to me highly and I have seen people, since, call it their most favourite book, which makes my head boil when I think about it. I want to preserve my book articles to the ones that are good. The books that deserve a review. Sometimes a book is so good that I don’t know where to begin if I talk about it. A Tale of Two Cities, Catch 22 and Azazil are in that category. These blew my mind, and I want the world to read the even if I had to force them down their throats or pay them. I prefer the first naturally.

      I would like to ask you a question but feel free not to answer. Lately the usual “You have my IP” has acquired a question mark, does that have a specific meaning or it’s just evolution and one day I might find your name is “Anonymous?” ?
      Thanks for stopping by though.


      1. I agree with you then, positive recommendation is more useful since it’s a recommendation but critics are known to enjoy negative criticism….and as a reader, I enjoy both anyways

        Well, about the IP, it was like a test to see how much you know about IPs, perhaps a sly attempt at knowing your background. (I am travelling so my current IP range is different from my previous IP range)


  1. I know very little but I noticed. It’s hard to miss someone having more than five IPs in the same region. I guessed some could be from your mobile, ADSL and perhaps a USB modem as well. I didn’t want to intrude though.


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