Thoughts on Politics

Assalam Alaikom,

Despite my ineptness in all politics related issues, I find my self wondering into this vague, fake and untrue field every now and then. Far be it from me to indulge in any debate regarding political affairs or current issues with real life individuals, let alone groups, which unfortunately have plagued our society lately, but still I find my self asking my other self the same question and arguing like arguments. Something I heard on the radio, an article I read, or a rare moment of divine intervention where a taxi driver says something that makes sense, they all merge together in a refining and filtering process to extract from it a suitable conversation for me and whoever else is inside that argues me relentlessly. It’s not a heated argument, for we are both of the same mind that I can interrupt whenever I want and he is devoid of heat, and it isn’t tiresome or wearisome since there is little more than neurones firing as is always. It’s so tranquil that I escape towards it with the most pitiable of reasons just to think more clearly.

The past few days witnessed something of a battle of laws between the pro president camp and whoever is supporting SCAF. In the midst of roaring speculations of brilliant legal moves and wild predicted implications of The Supreme Constitutional Court’s verdict, something I read a while ago floated into my brain. It’s unlikelihood made me search my books in hopes of finding the complete version of it, and thankfully I did. this was written with regard to the French revolution, but it applies in our case magnificently.

There could have been no such revolution, if all the laws, forms, and ceremonies, hadn’t first been so monstrously abused, that the suicidal vengeance of the revolution was to scatter them all to the winds” – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.

What made me think, and become an advocate, of it, is the simple fact that SCAF has always broke the law, why are we, the revolutionists, stuck with obeying it ?!. They made a Complementary Constitutional Declaration without any sort of public questionnaire that gave them almost Sayyan powers, issued several unconstitutional laws, and misinterpreted a verdict of the Supreme Constitutional Court causing the country to have no parliament for close to a month now. Whatever Game of Law is being played right now is a compliment to thieves and tyrants.

This is why I have this pessimistic doubtful view of politics. What is politics ?! Don’t tell me it’s a science. Psychology, aerospace and mathematics are sciences, politics is as much a science as UFO is. Look it up and tell me the paradoxes you will find. I can seldom name a single thing that you can call politics and nothing else. It’s just a word they use to prevent us, or intimidate us, from discussing affairs we are the direct recipients of its repercussions. A president isn’t a politician, he is a president to his people and an opponent or ally to other presidents, a minister isn’t a politician he is a servant to his people and a manager to employees, and an ambassador isn’t a politician he is a representative of people and a watch guard over his people against any misconduct of whatever country he is in. Even politicians, it’s true some people are called ‘politicians’, are individuals who possess a rather good understanding of regions, affairs or relations. So this politics is nothing more than public relation at best. You aren’t wanted near anything the government does, discussing them isn’t welcomed, questioning them isn’t allowed and objecting to them is punishable.

“Why the hell do they argue with what we do ?! I mean I’ll be damned, why do they argue with what we do, McPherson ?!”, said a bloated randy man waving a giant arm, without looking to either of the men beside him. “People like to talk Mr president. They usually stop once you cut their tongues though”, replied a gnarled man, with a grunt. “Spare us your vulgar ways, McPherson.Nothing but trouble comes from them and more talking. It’s much simpler than that Mr. president. We only need to make them hate talking about us” Said the other, a vulpine little man . “Huh ?”, inquired the fat man. “It’s basic knowledge, sir. Men fear what they cannot understand” said the little man with a wry smile.” Yes yes, I say men fear what they don’t understand. Don’t you think ?” “Yes sir, you are right. And we can use that here”. “I say we use that here. I say we do. I command it”, shouted the fat man. “Everything we don’t want the public to talk about we call it something strange, so that they don’t know what it is and fear to talk about it”. “Something like what ? heh ? Like a weird sound ?”, said the president in a dismissive way as if he isn’t asking but telling. “That’s a good idea Mr president, but perhaps something sophisticated will be better”. “We can’t call it ‘sophisticated’ !! People know what sophisticated means, don’t they ?!”, said the fat man Mockingly. “You are right, sir. Perhaps ‘Politics’ ?”, said the little man with a hint of reproachful mockery. “Well, I’ll be damned !! ‘Politics’, I’ll be damned !! I think this may actually work, you have a head on your shoulders you son of a Goebbles. It’s like Polio but with even more letters. ‘Politics’. That should make them fear it even more. I say it’s politics all right. Eh ? What do you think McPherson ? How do you like ‘politics’ ?”, the fat man quacked joyously, turning towards the other. “It’s splendid, sir. Just splendid. I will contact the dictionary and our channels right away. I’ll tell them about your great idea right now. Very good Mr president, very good, no .. it’s splendid !!”. “You do that. From this day forward, it’s all Politics !!”

And thus it was born.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Politics

  1. ITS repercussions are indeed upon us and many among us fail to see such truth, I really and deeply hate politics; it’s simply a dirty game that people in high places play toying with people’s lives


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