A Message of Hate

Assalam Alaikom,

Perhaps this will be a stranger subject than what I’m used to, or what any chance reader, who read something by me before, might expect of me, and it might contain less humour and sarcasm, for all the good they do, for my train of thought is constantly disturbed with thoughts of a murderous nature concerning the people responsible for the loud pop music coming from the street. The reason I feel this article is a strange one to me is that it has a purpose to it that might be rejected by a great number of people who lived what I’m talking about, people who know of it or maybe just anyone who has enough common sense to know right from wrong. For the sake of being brief, for otherwise I’m tempted by the voice inside to discuss his theory of substituting everything right in life with everything wrong and how life would still be the same and its even more preposterous conclusions leading to absurd suggestions, I will go directly into the subject I wanted to shed a faint ray of light on.

This article is about a man named, Elijah Muhammad. I first heard his name in the movie Ali by Will Smith, portrayed as the leader of the nation of Islam and thought they, as is often the case with Hollywood, were talking about the prophet of Islam Muhammad, but someone neglected his research. It turned out later that that someone was me, and that there was indeed a man with that name who headed the Nation of Islam in America from the 1940s to the 1970s. The story of this man, as told by him, is that he met a person named Wallace Fard who was heading the Nation of Islam at the time, learned Islam from him, changed his name to Elijah Muhammad and after Fard disappeared he claimed Fard was God himself who came to America to save the black man from the devil white man and that he, meaning Elijah, is his messenger and prophet. So far, every Muslim, or anyone with an internet connection, reading this knows they are both liars. There wasn’t any internet in the 1940s though, feel free to google this information too, and great people like Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and many others believed Elijah Muhammad and followed his teachings to the letter for many years. The Nation of Islam was strictly for black men and considering its teachings, no wonder white men weren’t flocking to join.

Elijah had many teachings that played on the black man’s natural hate, through centuries of slavery, oppression and inequality, towards the white man. He had the black men believe all white men are the devil and used that to promote his separation agendas. One of Elijah’s more bizarre teachings was the story of Yakub. I strongly advise you to follow the link, which is only two paragraphs to read, but the main element of the story is a that a scientist named Yakub invented the white man from the black man six thousand years ago, with the intention of creating a new race unlike human being, made to attract others, who could, with the knowledge of tricks and lies, rule the original black man. Considering Yakub was actually black, I have no idea why he needed a race to control him other than that perhaps he was into S&M or something of the like. Elijah often, or is it always ?, played on the black man’s secret inherent desire to feel better than the whites, that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Nation of Islam grew immensely. Elijah was smart enough to include the real Islam’s teachings concerning each Muslim’s life in his version of Islam, which I believe was the second most important reason for the NOI’s prevalence, such as the prohibition of booze and all narcotics which helped to deliver thousands of black men from their destructive prisons of drugs, which, Malcolm X says, was so effective that as soon as a brother was rid of his addiction he was eager to go fish for any addicts to help them get rid of this curse as his brothers helped him. This helped increase NOI’s popularity among black men, along with its encouraging and aiding the black men to open their own stores and deal with black men only.

I should never forget Malcolm X and the role he played in spreading this false Islam, for the more I search, watch interviews of Elijah and read about him I become all the more convinced that he wouldn’t in a million years reach as many people as Malcolm did. But that’s another discussion.

Elijah, as any hypocrite, weak imposter, never took the Muslim teachings he so often preached to heart, and was eventually exposed. Malcolm says in his biography that he had heard rumours of Elijah’s misconducts since 1954, but it wasn’t until later in 1963 that he knew there must be a fire somewhere for all this smoke to come out. After investigating, and confirming, he decided to confront Elijah about his various misconducts and the stories about sons he fathered from his secretaries, that now we know of seven of them.  Elijah’s reply was the following:”Son, I’m not surprised. You always have such a good understanding of prophecy and spiritual things. You recognize that’s what all of this is. Prophecy. I’m David. When you read about how David took another man’s wife(he means the story in the bible), I’m that David. You read about Noah, who got drunk(also in the bible), that’s me. You read about Lot, who went and laid up with his own daughters. I have to fulfil all those things”. This man would have his followers believe he is the impeccable messenger of God who they should emulate in worship, yet commit the very sins he preaches against, claiming this is the fulfilment of his prophecy. You know, the prophecy by which he is infallible. This might give you an idea of how this man’s paradoxical mind works.

I see I have far exceeded, despite myself, my usual article length introducing you to Elijah, so I think I will continue this article in a second part, for I still have much to talk about but little stamina left in me to produce it the way I want. The history lesson is over though, and I predict I will be back to my usual self in the second part, although I will have to choose a better location for my writing so I won’t hear this hideous music again.

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