Act I: Mother Mother hurried towards the phone, looked at the caller ID and pressed a button to accept the call, saying: “Sa’m Aliko, any thing new?” “The door is locked, no one is responding. We are trying to break the lock now. Wake Yasser and Ahmad and tell them to come here, I think … More Uncle


Assalam Alaikom, Let’s kick start this article by specifying which of the various meanings of the title word is intended. I do not mean correct nor a direction nor an exclamation (Riiiight!!), nor good or truthful, nor perpendicular, even though it’s tempting to address all those subjects. I mean to discuss rights, as in constitutional … More Right

Under Maintenance

Assalam Alaikom, Heh, it has been a while. I will keep this short, for reasons you will find at the end of this post. A while back, I was annoyed that this category had only one illegible article that we can say belongs to it. I decided I would add another, by which I thought … More Under Maintenance