Under Maintenance

Assalam Alaikom,

Heh, it has been a while. I will keep this short, for reasons you will find at the end of this post. A while back, I was annoyed that this category had only one illegible article that we can say belongs to it. I decided I would add another, by which I thought I would conduct another adventure then write about it. By way of forcing myself, I also decided not to write anything else until then. Evidently, as you can see from the great length of time between Patriot II and this post, I didn’t do either.

During that time I was offered to write for our department’s magazine, which, apart from being an honour to put my writing in front of my fellow students, was irresistible since I was piling up many drafts here to avoid breaking my promise, but also with no clue as to when it will be fulfilled. I wrote an article a month there, and abstained, as decided, from publishing them here as well. Now, I realize I can’t keep this category alive any more. Whether I’m busy, I am, or just not in the mood, I am not, I’ve decided I will break this promise and also end this category until, at least, the end of this term.

Therefore, I will republish the articles I wrote there here, one each day, and maybe afterwards write some more.

P.S I can only imagine why ‘Air conditioning’ and ‘Government-Related Organizations’ are recommended tags.

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