The following scene is my answer to anyone who asks me the following questions: Why do you protest? Is this the best time? You say you oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, but still would go in protests against the military? Aren’t you helping them? Don’t you want the country to rest and move forward?

This scene took place in front of the building I live in. The scene is comprised of two tanks blocking the road and protesters scattered about in the wide street shouting down with military rule. One protester stands not far from one of the tanks, extends his arms to his sides, revealing his chest and shouts at one of the two soldiers on the tank: “Shoot, you coward!”. The soldier points his gun at him and shoots him dead in one shot. Had I been in a different mood or writing with a different purpose in mind, I would have told more. I would have told of how he fell, of how he looked with blood trickling from his head on the side walk, or of how that blood made a traceable trace on the ground long after his death. I don’t want to stir your emotions or pity, I only want you to remember this incident.

A great man once said...

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