Act I: 2039

“Hello, and good morning to our listeners all across Egypt, listeners of the Patriot 80.2 radio station, the national radio station of this magnificent country. Good morning indeed. We come to you, our dear listeners, live from the Anonymous Soldier square right in the heart of Cairo, for the 26th anniversary celebrations of Prime Minister Abd Al-Fattah M. Al-Sisi’s election. And what a celebration it is! The city itself, as our listeners residing in Cairo must have noticed, is bustling with movement and action even more than it usually is. Thousands of soldiers decorating the streets, standing in attention, and, I must add, celebration, for the prime minister’s convoy. Families have taken to the parks with their kids, where large screens are put up to see the ceremony. The day itself seems to be in celebration today, with a clear sky and a cool breeze.

A day fit to celebrate one of the greatest men this country has birthed since Ahmus and Mina. A man who transformed Egypt from a third world, economically stricken, illiterate infested country into one that is spearheading the new industrial revolution in the black continent. Oh my, in my excitement I forgot to introduce my co-host today, former member of parliament and honorary professor of political studies at Ain Shams university, Dr.Yaser Y. Rizk.

– No no, don’t mention it. I’m as excited as you are. Today I forgot my car keys twice because of it. This man …

– You drive a Nasr car, right?

– A Nasr Eagle of course. It’s a magnificent car, and I would recommend it to anyone.

– And really cheap too.

– Naturally. A car that is close to it in design and specification is at least five to ten grand more expensive, if only for the customs fees.

– So you were saying something about the prime minister?

– I was about to say how exceptional a man he is. He really pushed this country forward. I can’t count the ways where he alone was the reason we are where we are right now as a nation. The political standing and economical growth that took the unemployment rate from 13% to 4% and poverty from the astronomical 21% to 5%, are some of his best achievements.

– Don’t forget the problem of the Nile Water, and his support for the revolutionaries in Ethiopia.

– And hosting the Olympics, and the economic crash of 2025 which we survived almost unscathed. The achievements this man made in this country are unmatched by any president or prime minister current or previous.

– It’s a real shame he announced his retirement next January. He was still leading in the polls.

– I disagree with you. I think it’s the correct move. He knows he has done for this country more than his share, and is willing to step down for some younger spirit. I only hope that whoever is next is half as good as he was.”

Act II: Prepare

“And now ladies and gentlemen, our audience all across Egypt, the Prime Minister’s speech.

– Besm Ellah El-Rahman El-Rahim … I’d like to … give a salute … a military salute … to the great men of the police and army … who … for a long time … have sacrificed their lives, in order to keep everyone safe … and who lost their lives … in … some unfortunate events … 26 years ago … if you would please join me.

(Salute, then Clapping)

Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen … great people of Egypt … (I wish that) every year passes and you are … well … And Egypt is well … as you all know … I’m … retiring … next year. I have … received … the responsibility of this country in a … very bad … state … we were covered … in debt … we were … less developed … far less … than we should be … as a nation of … immense resources … I tried my hardest … to raise this country … to it’s … former glory … and dominance … over the region … to restore relations with our sister nations … to restore the Arab Union … to rid this … independent country … INDEPENDENT … to rid it of foreign … outside intervention.


We were faced with many … many … challenges … since the first moment … we persevered … we took the high ground … and we succeeded. Yes, we succeeded … because you .. the people … the honest people … supported us … you packed us … and we are here to tell you … Thank you … I … I’m here to tell you thank you … for your … support … and dedication … through … this journey … so you too … to you … I give my salute …

(PM Salutes)


I will not be long … I have one more statement to make … or would you like me to talk more? (PM laughs softly)

I want to say a message to … my successors … this is country is great … and it’s people are great … they will be entrusted to you … do not betray that trust … do not … deviate … from the path … you are the people’s servants … they can remove you if you err … and they will remove you if you err … let history be your teacher … and know that God is watching you …so take good care of your people … take good care of … Egypt … and Al Salam Alaikom Wa Rahmatu Allah.


– What a speech! It’s a farewell message. The prime minister is standing at the podium waving at the crowd, with a smile of pride on his lips … “

Act III: Enact

What a magnificent moment!“, the broadcaster says.

I listen to the broadcaster speak on the radio, as I look at the man.

Look at his smiling face!“, the broadcaster says.

I position the cross hairs carefully on his 84 year old smiling face.

It’s breathtaking!“, the broadcaster says.

I hold my breath.

The only thing missing from this picture are fireworks!“, the broadcaster says.

I fire.

The End

Disclaimer: All characters in this story, alive, dead or soon to be dead, are base. Except the sniper; he won’t sue. Any similarities between them and real life base people are neither fictitious nor coincidental, but inevitable. All names have been changed to protect the innocent: me.

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