Alaa Is Free. Finally.

I’m genuinely happy, and smiling giddily like a forever smiling emoticon.

Alaa Abdel Fattah was released today on bail. He has been in jail without trial for a long time(113 days). You can find out more about Alaa by Googling him or reading his Wikipedia page, or numerous translated articles by him, some of which written with such beautiful spirit in prison like this one. Today is the 17th anniversary of his love to his wife.

The two tweets I love most of Alaa’s are these:

“Please die of horror for the people inside prisons and let us get them out as soon as possible, imprisonment and torture are not romantic”

“I don’t like the “people are stronger in prisons” speeches, and that we shouldn’t worry about them, and frankly I felt anger when that was said of me while I was in jail”

2 thoughts on “Alaa Is Free. Finally.

  1. I can’t wait for the rest to be out..It is hard for me to be happy when one of there is still a lot more. Morshedy, ElNmr , Abrar..>_<..


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