Police Brutality

What you see in the video is a street peddler who sells mango from a cart. In the video, he is begging the police officer, the one with the moustache and sunglasses, to not confiscate his cart, pleading:”I’ll kiss your feet”, and does so. The officer then says: “You’ve kissed it many times before already”, and proceeds to hit him multiple times, treating him with general contempt and disgust, and calls him an “Animal” and “Scum”.
The way the street peddler is hugging the donkey like it’s his own child, yelling that he has no money is heart-rending. Police confiscate everything from street peddlers, cart, cargo and whatever is pulling the cart.

Please remember before thinking about street peddling itself, and drawing oh-so general and fantastic conclusions that it’s terrible for society and its image, do remember that this man goes home everyday with less than fifty to seventy pounds in his pockets, and he has to support a family with it. He has not turned to robbery, drug dealing or extortion, and those aren’t terribly difficult things to do in our country. No, he is working as an honest man ought to, earning money from the sweat of his brow and the strength of his muscle. He is far more honourable and courageous than the officers, officials, middle class born and high class people who want him gone. At one point(at exactly 1:25) I’m certain an officer is yelling at him:”The governor says mango cart!” — “!المحافظ قايل عربية مانجة”


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