The Recurrent DGT Syndrome Part I

Finally, another post.


As promised, here’s minion:

I’m so satisfied with the title of this post, I don’t think a post is necessary at all and we should all spend a few minutes reading the title over and over to properly admire its beauty and elegance. But we still need a post about DGT, so I’ll contain my excitement. I’ll just pat myself on the back and say it loudly an alarming number of times.

DGT is an acronym for Data Gathering Tool. It’s the tool we made for Dr.Hisham, the client, the data analyst, money bringer, and godfather as well as father and stepfather of the project, whom we just love with all our hearts and pockets. Our relationship has evolved from just an employer-employee one into a full fledged familial one, where we ask him for more spending money and he tells us not until you do your homework. He is…

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