For Stalkers

This page has been edited. If you liked the previous page, withdraw your like; it no longer applies here. Feel free to re-like the new one. Commenters don’t get the same treatment. You are already a dying breed.

Satire. Yep, that aptly describes this whole thing. No personal shenanigans (Wow, that’s actually a word?!), and no pets to post annoyingly cute pictures of. I had pets before. They died during the how-long-can-you-live-without-food experiment. It was a success. The results are classified.

Is this enough yet? I’d hate for you to be annoyed after crossing all this space to click the ‘For Stalkers’ button, only to find I won’t actually give you enough information to think of perverted things to do to me. I already have someone doing that. Doing the thinking not doing the doing, you pervert!

How about this, I’ll tell you a joke, and we call it even. Not any joke though; I wrote this joke. Yep. Entirely mine. I never told it to anyone and failed to get a laugh. I never told it to anyone. Here it is:

“My ex once told me I treat her only as a possession. I told her to shut up, drink the blood, and get back inside the chalk circle.”

Laughs? Anyone? Gotta tell ya, you just had to be there.

(Last edited: 10/20/2013)

7 thoughts on “For Stalkers

  1. oh, I was courageous enough to try your stalkers page once again…nice to see that you’ve updated it


  2. Looks like : The Books you read , are totally different than the books I read. As I don’t read Novels at all ..I am a Beginner in reading somehow. So in case you got goodreads account . I would love to follow . in order to check some stuff I want to see . Thank you in advance .


  3. Sorry, What is this “The Incredible Lightness of Being An Ark Developer” protected post about?



    1. First, hey. Long time :)
      It’s an article I wrote to publish on about the time I spent working on Ark Survival Evolved(a video game). I made it a protected post so that I can show it to people and get their feedback on it before submitting it to I still haven’t published it, so it’s still not public here.
      P.S. I can email you the password to view it if you wish :)


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