There isn’t a good way to say this. I’ll be brief, this ought to reach someone. I’m Mandy, and my friend died unhappily today. So very unhappily, and that’s a huge problem. People have no idea what’s happening, but I do. There is a curse. It was a joke we made as kids, me, him … More Pact

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Good Boy The thing about Imposter syndrome is that if you figure out it’s the reason behind your feeling of inadequacy, you’re implicitly telling yourself that, though you feel like an imposter, it’s just the Imposter syndrome making you feel that way, and you really aren’t that bad, as per the definition of the syndrome, … More Nibble 0001

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Chants There’s something beautiful and poetic in chanting “Raise, raise, and raise your voice. He who chants, forever rejoice!”. Your voice will break time, the impossible, and you’ll live forever. Something beautiful, poetic and false, which is why it’s so especially suitable for chanting in this long awaited occasion. God He knew his situation was … More Nibble 0000

The Reading

She was terrified they would see how terrified she was. They would feel the wetness in the back of her knee and hear the thumbing of her heart. She made a mental note, as she thought of this, as if a separate Lin had been sitting in the back of her mind watching her thoughts’ … More The Reading

Flyer For Our Dictator’s Visit To NewYork (Was never printed)

General Abdel Fattah Sisi, is the champion of the Egyptian people. He is the saviour of Egypt from the darkness that is Islamist rule, and bringer of light to the working class’s darkened rooms after all the light was sent to Gaza during the Islamist presidency. Although Sisi’s light lasts for an hour or two … More Flyer For Our Dictator’s Visit To NewYork (Was never printed)