Police Brutality

What you see in the video is a street peddler who sells mango from a cart. In the video, he is begging the police officer, the one with the moustache and sunglasses, to not confiscate his cart, pleading:”I’ll kiss your feet”, and does so. The officer then says: “You’ve kissed it many times before already”, … More Police Brutality


Act I: 2039 “Hello, and good morning to our listeners all across Egypt, listeners of the Patriot 80.2 radio station, the national radio station of this magnificent country. Good morning indeed. We come to you, our dear listeners, live from the Anonymous Soldier square right in the heart of Cairo, for the 26th anniversary celebrations … More 26


The following scene is my answer to anyone who asks me the following questions: Why do you protest? Is this the best time? You say you oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, but still would go in protests against the military? Aren’t you helping them? Don’t you want the country to rest and move forward? This scene … More Reason

On power

Assalam Alaikom, In Egypt, there has been a steadfast belief in the power of demonstrations and protests. Millions take to the street on one issue or another. They sit in for days or weeks, believing that their will and fortitude will advance their cause, playing the numbers game and spreading awareness among the people of … More On power