More Graffiti

The original art is on a Jean-Michel Basquiat T-shirt I had, I liked it and decided to paint a part of my wall with it on a Friday morning. I hadn’t known Basquiat was a street artist then, I only knew now when I decided to look up the shirt brand.

Recent Graffiti

I don’t remember if I posted these before or not. I currently cannot paint on my apartment’s walls any more, because I might be leaving it soon, and I’d have to repaint it anyway. I have a couple of other drawings I want to paint, but until I decide if I’ll leave or stay, I’m … More Recent Graffiti


انتفض من نومه يتحسس الهاتف ليوقف اصطدام صوت الرنين بأذنه كالمطارق. ظل في الفراش بضع دقائق ضاغطا الوسادة على رأسه النابض يلعن رفاق سُكرة البارحة. أقسم ألا يذوق الكأس ثانية. قسمٌ الحنث به هو أول ما سيفعله متى استحضروا زجاجات أخرى. جلس قليلا في الظلام ثم قام متثاقلا للحمام. ألقى نظرة على وجهه المبلل. أصدر … More نذير

What are we cooking?

Originally posted on BABIES:
Do you know that photograph pregnant women get after a sonograph that is all black and white and some sort of a spectre in it, which they keep telling you is the baby who has your nose and aunt Sonia’s head shape, but you’re not really listening because you are busy…

Fee fi fo fum!

Originally posted on BABIES:
I smell the blood of an Englishman. No, wait, I think that’s the cheese I’m melting getting burned again. Let me just check. Oh, hello there, let me act as if I didn’t see that you were reading me at all and continue to make myself loveable for a second. Ok,…

Police Brutality

What you see in the video is a street peddler who sells mango from a cart. In the video, he is begging the police officer, the one with the moustache and sunglasses, to not confiscate his cart, pleading:”I’ll kiss your feet”, and does so. The officer then says: “You’ve kissed it many times before already”, … More Police Brutality