Patriot II

Assalam Alaikom, Through a relatively extended period I have looked into this subject with different eyes trying to get a good understanding of what people think of patriotism. I read what seems to be countless articles by bloggers, journalists, and ordinary commenters on related subjects that google threw in my way; a lesson I learned … More Patriot II


Assalam Alaikom, I meant to let the caged thoughts of my mind on patriotism fly into the Cyberspace today, but then I chanced upon an immensely artful article by such a great writer that I decided to postpone my humble thoughts, or perhaps replace them with his and be content for the rest of my … More Patriot


Assalam Alaikom, Please excuse the unusual amount of dust, the musty smell and the many cobwebs you see before you, or feel on your skin and in your hair if you are as unfortunate as I am, for I haven’t been here in a while and a cleaning lady is beyond my modest income. I’m … More Historie