There isn’t a good way to say this. I’ll be brief, this ought to reach someone. I’m Mandy, and my friend died unhappily today. So very unhappily, and that’s a huge problem. People have no idea what’s happening, but I do. There is a curse. It was a joke we made as kids, me, him … More Pact


Assalam Alaikom, I intended to write a review for a book I have been reading, which happened to shatter my previous list of books I will never forget, simply because I forgot everything else reading it, but after some consideration I thought better of it. For one I have never written a book review before … More Yellow


Assalam Alaikom, I am a reader. I think I’ve been one since my childhood and I used to read ‘The Impossible Man’ short stories. It grew with me to bigger books and more sophisticated articles. I haven’t started swimming in the vast sea that is English literature till last year though, which is something I … More Reader